Tulsa Jewish Retirement and Health Center is a vibrant and energetic continuum of care community with an outstanding reputation. We incorporate Independent Living, three levels of Assisted Living and a twenty-four hour Health Center. Ours is a unique Oklahoma campus, including the internationally acclaimed Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, the Mizel Jewish Community Day School, the Barbara and Dave Sylvan Auditorium, the Jeanette Altman Frieden Sports Complex and the Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center.

Ours is truly an active and vital community of many faiths but based firmly in the Jewish traditions.

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July 2016 Events

4 2:30 PM, 4th of July Party, Entertainment with Luigi, Health Care
6 10:30 AM, Entertainment with Richard Hicks, Health Care
12 7:00 PM, Entertainment with Jon Glazer Band, Burnstein Auditorium
13 10:30 AM, Entertainment with Luigi, Health Care
3:00 PM, Cocktail Hour, Burnstein Auditorium
19 7:15 PM, News with Dr. Jacob Howland, Burnstein Auditorium
20 10:30 AM, Entertainment with John Southern, Health Care
21 9:30 AM, River Spirit Casino and Lunch
6:30 PM, Book Club, Art Studio
25 6:00 PM, Musical Monday, Cascia Hall
26 8:30 AM, Oklahoma City Museum of Arts
27 3:00 PM Cocktail Hour, Burnstein Auditorium
28 2:30 PM, Birthday Party, Entertainment with Jon Glazer
Miller Hospice